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Step into the future with a smart thermostat from our team!

Long Beach Island Smart Thermostat Installations

Are you looking for a low-cost investment that has the potential to drastically change the way you interact with your HVAC system? If that’s the case, smart thermostat technology is something you should consider. Giving you the function of a traditional thermostat combined with the connectivity of a smartphone, smart thermostats are one of the most effective upgrades to an HVAC system you could make.

Here at Ocean Heating & Cooling, we’re proud to offer our customers a wide range of HVAC technology so that we can provide solutions to as many scenarios as possible. Smart thermostat installation is a simple service that allows us to give our customers ultimate access over their heating and cooling. We’re excited to explain how this simple upgrade could improve your life.

hand holding smart phone adjusting smart thermostat temperature with smart thermostat installed on the wall in the background

What Makes A Smart Thermostat Smart? 

The same technology that makes your phone “smart” is utilized to raise our thermostats to “smart” status. With internet connectivity, and just enough artificial intelligence to make our lives more convenient, smart thermostats extend the control given to us by our thermostats in the same way that our smartphones extend the connection we have with the world.

To break things down, we’ve put together this list of the main advantages of upgrading your thermostat.

Benefits Of A Smart Thermostat

Lower Utility Bills

When properly utilized, smart thermostats have been proven to have the potential to save homeowners up to $50 dollars per year on utility bills. This means that upgrading to a smart thermostat will typically pay for itself within a year or two while adding a ton of added convenience to your life.

Remote HVAC Control

With internet connectivity, smart thermostats allow homeowners to have complete control over their HVAC systems from anywhere in the world.

This functionality could save you money and help you out of several sticky situations. Imagine you leave for work or vacation and forget to set the AC to a reasonable level while you’ll be gone. No one likes wasting money or energy heating and cooling an empty home. A smart thermostat will allow you to fix this mistake from literally anywhere with an internet connection.

Improved Energy Usage Monitoring

Without a smart thermostat, monitoring exactly how much your HVAC system uses is a difficult ask. We often rely on whatever your energy company has to say for that type of information. With a smart thermostat, homeowners can have access to an enormous amount of information regarding the usage of their systems. More control equals more opportunities to fine-tune your system and save money.

Smart Temperature Scheduling

Speaking of fine-tuning, the addition of artificial intelligence can take a lot of the thought out of setting the temperature at home. With the ability to learn from the habits of people inside the home, smart thermostats can set individualized temperature schedules depending on when people are active in the home. This ensures ideal energy usage for the maximum amount of time without the potential for human error.

With so much smart technology infiltrating every aspect of our lives, sometimes it can be difficult to determine useful technology from a marketing gimmick. However, when it comes to thermostats, our technicians stand by the idea that this is one area where smart technology truly makes sense.

Level Up Your HVAC IQ With A Smart Thermostat From OHC

If you’re looking for the highest quality Ocean County thermostat replacement around, then don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Ocean Heating & Cooling today! With free estimates on new installations and a legendary 21-point maintenance inspection, we do our best to make sure we’re the best around when it comes to HVAC services in Long Beach Island.

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