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Go ductless for a powerful cooling alternative!

Ductless AC Services In Long Beach Island

Most homes in the United States utilize the very common single-split air conditioner. These systems consist of an outdoor condenser connected to an indoor evaporator. The components work in unison to draw heat and moisture out of the air and provide it to your home’s rooms via a ductwork system. These systems are so common because they’re reliable and easy to install in most homes.

While time-tested, single-split AC units don’t represent the only air conditioning technology on the market. The professionals here at Ocean Heating & Cooling are proud to offer our customers some truly appealing alternatives to your traditional split units.

Ductless cooling represents the next step in AC technology and offers customers an energy-efficient alternative to the duct-dependent systems of the past. If you want to know what ductless AC installation is all about and are wondering if upgrading is the right option for you, OHC is here to help out with this brief rundown on ductless.

ductless ac unit positioned above windows in living room

How Does Ductless Work? 

Ductless systems work using the same principles as traditional single-split systems. They both utilize refrigerant to draw heat and humidity out from the air, conditioning and cooling it in the process. The difference is in how the air is distributed once it’s conditioned.

Instead of using a centralized air handler to push air into the home through a system of ductwork, ductless systems function by utilizing multiple air handlers installed in up to four “zones” of the home that can all be controlled individually. These all-in-one systems can eliminate the need for ductwork by delivering conditioned air into the rooms directly.

Why Is Ductless Better?

While ductwork may get the job done, it also unfortunately represents a large point of potential efficiency loss for the entire HVAC system. Ductwork is meant to provide a sealed pathway between an air handler and multiple rooms. The difficulty of creating a perfectly sealed pathway for gas, like air, makes this job simple in idea but difficult in execution.

Because it’s so hard to ensure that absolutely no air is allowed to escape into pointless areas like your attic, ductwork has been proven to account for up to 30% of a system’s entire efficiency loss.

Designing a system that doesn’t need to rely on ductwork to deliver air removes this failure point entirely and comes with several other benefits, which we discuss below.

Lower Utility Bills

In general, anytime you can make a system more efficient, that system becomes cheaper to use — and this holds with our heating & cooling. The removal of ductwork eliminates a huge area for potential energy loss which directly translates to lower utility bills. This combined with the “zoned” heating & cooling function mentioned below makes for an overall much more efficient system.

Greater Control With “Zoned” Heating & Cooling

Because ductless systems utilize a series of air handlers instead of a single centralized one, homeowners can set individualized temperatures at each zone. This means that customers will enjoy far more control when it comes to the temperature of specific areas of their homes. Say goodbye to temperature wars!

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Especially if you fail to have them properly cleaned, ductwork represents one of the biggest contributors to poor indoor air quality in homes today. It’s almost impossible to avoid some accumulation of dirt and debris inside of your ductwork, but particulates can be picked up by the air being forced through your system and brought into your home through the vents.

Lose The Ducts With OHC

If you’re looking for the highest quality Long Beach Island ductless AC services around, we urge you to call the professionals here at Ocean Heating & Cooling today! We are proud to offer our customers free estimates on new installations so we can remove as many barriers as possible between you and that HVAC upgrade you and your family deserves.

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