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Long Beach Island Duct Replacement Services

Your home’s ductwork is an incredibly vital and often overlooked component of your HVAC system. Tucked away in unseen places, like your attic or the crawlspace underneath your home, ductwork is rarely seen and seldom thought about until something goes wrong.

Fortunately, when something does go wrong and you find yourself needing the best ductwork installation in Ocean County, the professionals here at Ocean Heating & Cooling are here to provide the highest quality duct replacement services in New Jersey.

Having a properly installed ductwork system can mean the difference between an AC that is functioning to the best of its ability and one that’ll cost you thousands of dollars pointlessly conditioning the air in your crawlspaces and attic.

technician preparing air ducts to be replaced in the attic

How Long Does Ductwork Last?

One of the most important factors to consider when thinking about air duct installation is how long your average duct system lasts. The answer isn’t as cut and dry as you might think.

It would be better to ask “How long is ductwork efficient”, because on average, a duct system will last between 20 and 25 years. However, most installations tend to start experiencing wear down at around year 15.

It’s been proven that ductwork can account for up to 30% of a system’s energy loss. This means that depending on your situation, replacing your ductwork at year 17 could potentially save you thousands on wasted utility bills when compared to replacing it at year 23.

Signs You May Need New Ducts

With such a wide life span, it can be difficult to determine whether or not your system needs to be replaced or simply repaired. The answer in your specific situation can depend on any number of factors — the best way to know is by having your ductwork inspected by a qualified technician like the ones here at Ocean AC.

Fortunately, there are a few signs that every homeowner can look out for that’ll tip them off to potential duct damage that will need to be inspected as soon as possible. Here are the top three signs something may be wrong with your ductwork.

Inconsistent Energy Bills

On average, energy bills in most households remain fairly consistent month to month with a little bit of fluctuation depending on the season. While every inconsistency in your energy bill might not be traced back to a damaged duct system, large fluctuations can be a sign that your system is working far harder than it should and needs to be inspected.

Poor/Uneven Air Flow

The entire job of your ductwork is to provide a sealed pathway for your HVAC system to distribute conditioned air. If you’re experiencing poor airflow, or if one part of your house is receiving much more than another, this could be a sign of potential duct damage.

Abnormal Accumulation Around Vents

While some dust and dirt accumulation around your vents is almost unavoidable. Any accumulation around your vents that seems excessive or abnormal in any way should be noted. The condition of your vents could be a good indicator of the condition of the inside of your ductwork.

Start Saving With A Ductwork Replacing

The professionals here at Ocean Heating & Cooling have the skills and experience to provide the highest quality ductwork replacements around. We guarantee that a ductwork installation from us will have your system running at optimal capacity for as long as possible.

Additionally, if you want to do everything you can to ensure you get the most out of your new ducts, don’t hesitate to ask us about our membership plan! With free estimates on a new installation, labor and manufacturer warranties and a team that’s committed to excellence, you can’t go wrong with Ocean AC.

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